Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sugar and Spice..

I'm expecting baby number two in September, and being the most impatient person in the world we found our we're expecting a girl at our 20 week scan (oh how I admire those that can wait 9 months for the suprise..I wish I had that willpower!) so after 2 years of all things blue I have finally allowed myself a little girly indulgence!

Although lovely, baby bedding is ridiculoulsy expensive (how can an adults king size duvet cover or throw be half the price of a teeny tiny baby one?!) so I have made a cute bumper and some drapes for our lovely white crib, which also meant I could pick the colours I favourites, pink, cream and green. The fabric I've used is from Laura Ashley, and called Emse (which I picked up half a metre of in the sale.
.) and I've teemed it with some green and pink polka dot fabrics from my local fabric shop. In total it cost me under £10 to make, and I'm very pleased with the pretty result!

Esme fabric from Laura Ashley

My sewing skills don't quite stetch to grobags - so I have also ordered this beautiful sleeping bag from izziwotnot, brand new for a bargain £10 on ebay..its so pretty!

Lastly, for this weeks Folksy Friday I'm going to be scouring Folksy for some cute co-ordinating toys and accessories..after last weeks car theme it will be good to regain some balance! Watch this space..

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