Wednesday, 5 January 2011

You are my sunshine..

I have just finished my first ever etsy treasury! Created around my current love of all things teal and yellow, with a retro feel. I want to buy everything that I've listed its all so beautiful..
Hope it makes you feel all warm and summery just looking at it!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New year..New start...

Happy New Year Everyone!

The last few Months have been crazy busy for me following the arrival of baby Violet, so the new year has made me reassess and few things and make some changes for a bit of a fresh start - does anyone else feel the same this time of year?

Aside of the usual changes (like losing 2stone..weight watchers here we come next Monday!) and making more 'me' time both for personal hobbies and diary writing, (as well as blogging more often!) I also feel our home needs a bit of a revamp and some more of my personality put into it.
I used to LOVE bright colours and having unique and interesting things around me, mostly from charity shops and car boot sales, (I even had the most fantastic vintage wallpaper I bought for 50p in my bedroom once!) but as I've got older I seem to have fallen in to the trap of creating the kind of home I think I should have..cream walls, oak furniture and the odd shabby chic heart around. Yes it looks lovely but its not really me, at least not at 27 with a young family. So time for a little more colour in my life! (but will have to be in small doses as I'm not sure my husband will be so

I am in LOVE with Orla Keily's wallpapers and fabrics..this flower blossom design is my favourite. I would love to paper our whole dining room wall in this, but have made do with some fabric to make some cushions for now...