Friday, 13 August 2010

Folksy Friday - The 'hungry hippo' is having a 'whale of a time!'..

I'm 36 weeks pregnant now and onto the home straight...and am subsequently feeling the size of a house - whale like to be precise!! So today's folksy Friday is my vision in the mirror, (and when I bend down..or try and put my shoes on..etc etc - you get the idea) and are my favourite whale and hippo items!

Hippo Card by Top Cats Corner
Sock Toy Funky Hippo by Two by Two
Green Hippo Car Seat Cover by Kryshees
Medium Tweed Whale by Stuffed Nonsense
Barnacle the Whale by Lizzibeths Felties
Little Whale Sterling silver ring by Nuada Accessories
Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

'Ding dong the bells are going to chime!!'

Sorry I haven't blogged for an eternity...HeartBox has been super busy (thank you everyone!!) and this combined with an 8 month baby bump slowing me down, and a very-nearly 2 year old to look after has meant their just aren't enough hours in the day at the moment, i didn't even manage my ususal Folksy friday last week! Excuses aside - i'm so happy with the fabulous UK handmade wedding gift guide which has been created and released today..there are some fantastic items on there so if you are heading to any weddings soon and looking for unique and beautiful gift take a look! Here are a few of my favourites, which are all available to buy direct through the uk handmade online shop..

Paper Shakespearean Garland of Hearts by Bookity £21.50

Fingerprint Cufflinks by Romily Norman £63.50
Wedding Hanging by skybluesea £200And of course my fabulous petals HeartBox!..